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Music Maker

Quality free music for everyone. High-quality digital resources which make your sound great.

  • 21 tracks in mp3 format (3 per category )
  • 1 set of stems* included
  • Total size: 445 Mb

It’s truly – music for everyone. Available themes:

  • Tech & science
  • Travel
  • Beauty & style
  • Education
  • Action
  • Entertainment
  • News & politics
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A decentralized platform for completely free stock music for your videos



Download royalty free music for YouTube videos, Podcasts and Apps. No copyright CC0. Music inspired by Unsplash

UI Sounds

UI Sounds

Learn sound design for user interfaces by example

One Page Love



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Fugue Music

Fugue Music

Download free background music for your videos. It's free for a link



SoundKit is a UI sound library designed for all of your interface needs