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Indie Makers Tools

All in one tools for Makers. A curated directory of tools and resources to build your startup.

  • Website Builder
  • Ecommerce Platform
  • Analytic Tools
  • Portfolio Tools
  • Productivity Tools
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Task Manager
  • Domain Tools
  • Customer Support
  • Learn Design
  • Learn To Code
  • Maker Community
  • And More
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Speckyboy is an online magazine for web designers: Design news, resources & inspiration

One Page Love



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Design Systems

Design Systems

Articles on building and maintaining design systems. A Figma publication for design systems creators, designers, developers, and managers

Design Roundup

Design Roundup

Design Roundup is a weekly collection of design resources, curated by Dan Edwards



A web design and development blog that publishes articles and tutorials about the latest web trends